About Us

We have taken a long Journey in our ministry, to discover not only how to open the windows of heaven, but also how to walk in and under the favor of God. After more than thirty seven years of ministry, we have learned great principles that will help you encounter your right relationship through the righteousness of God. Loving and being loved is what makes life worth living. Love gives life’s purpose and meaning. People look for fulfillment in life in different ways that may seem good at first, but often leave them feeling frustrated.

Adding my personal note “As I review the years of my ministry I recall those times when God pointed me several times to bring the right companion into the right people’s life. And making so they are truly a witness for many, living a life of heavenly Authentications”.

“TWILIGHT” is one such Initiative, instituted by God which means, the shades of Sunlight before a bright new Sunrise from the east. This is the allegorical connotation of living a life contouring the eternal life with whom we are all supposed to be “ever after”. Now “Twilight-A Ray of Life” is in the wind to set foot in our City. Concede God to complete the match and let God Go-Between the life seekers and leave life to serenity.

Interlude with God Almighty and Connect with the Heaven of Tranquility.